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About Breatec

Since Breatec was founded in 2006, it has a dedicated team with years of relevant experience about flour, bakery and functional ingredients. We have experienced people educated in milling, bakery (bread baking, fine bakery, pasta /noodle industry etc.), as well in the fundamentals of the functional ingredients required for these markets.

We are committed to a common goal: to provide the best possible service to our customers. Operational productivity is important and must be constantly reviewed in the context of new and changing product lines. Product quality and food safety are equally important considering the aspects such as free from, better for you, good for you, tailored for you, enjoyment and convenience driving development and demand.

Breatec is based in Nieuwkuijk in the the Netherlands close to the Belgium and German borders, surrounded by many leading international industrial food companies. Our production facility is FSSC 22.000 certified, and all our products are certified Kosher and Halal. For the emulsifiers we are RSPO certified. Within our range we offer solutions for Organic and Gluten free formulations in the broadest sense.

Research & Development

We understand the challenges you face such as: trends, nutritional claims, legal and labeling requirements, optimizing product properties, and cost control. We help you to achieve your goal by:

Confidentiality and exclusivity
Our strategy is to work with specific customers in specific regions, to maintain exclusivity & protection for our customers.

State of the art bakeries
An industrial bread bakery setting, that is completely temperature and humidity controlled, and a dedicated fine bakery in which we mimic our customers process and conditions.

A laboratory and analysing capabilities for raw materials, flour and baked goods
With our analysis capabilities on enzyme and flour, we have created an infrastructure that enables us to select optimal functional components from different enzyme strains. We offer also hosting our customers for co-development, training and strategic insights towards future (co-)developments. You are very welcome to visit us and together develop your specific product needs.

Our promise

This concerns an integral quality label. The quality management implemented relates to all divisions with their respective departments.

The needs and wishes of customers are central to the development and production of powdered mixtures. These may be at different levels; our goal is to be able to offer an adequate response to these.

The consistent and thoroughly professional cooperation between all the departments leads to result-orientation, in which respect and trust grows in due course. This creates a positive synergetic environment.

Towards customers: Constantly to be able to give the necessary support to customers in a confidential atmosphere.
Towards suppliers: to achieve the back-up necessary and to be informed of any new developments.
Towards our employees: to form a motivated team in which people show respect and appreciation interactively.

Towards customers: we adhere to high standards to produce “safe products”, which comply with all legislation and regulations (ISO, HACCP, JECFA, WHO).
Towards employees: a best place to work and a positive environment that stimulates each person’s development through trust, appreciation and mutual respect.
Towards our environment: we respect all the legal standards on energy and waste management, in order thereby to make a positive contribution to future generations.

We are a BRAIN Group company

Breatec has been part of the BRAIN Group since February 2022. BRAIN Biotech AG, a leading European industrial biotechnology specialist, is the parent company of the Group. Next to first-class research and development services for industry customers to create bio-based products and processes, the Group distributes specialty B2B products, like enzymes or bioactive natural products. Own fermentation and production facilities in Continental Europe, UK and the US, together with the associated biotechnological solution competency complete the value chain within the group.

All BRAIN Group companies act as independent entities in the market, yet interconnect to synergize in R&D and production. Breatec complements the BRAIN Group’s enzyme and functional ingredients portfolio with its deep application know-how in the baking as well as milling industry.

Together with our partners in the BRAIN Group we rely on biotechnology as a tool for a sustainable bio-economy and work towards the vision of creating a bio-based future.

Check our progress at: RSPO

Direct contact

Our specialists will gladly assist you!
Feel free to contact us at: officce@breatec.com


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